2018-09-24 Raphaël GertzDefault to 503 code
2018-09-24 Raphaël GertzRedirect every requests on index.bin
2018-09-24 Raphaël GertzForce cryptsetup inclusion in initrd
2018-09-24 Raphaël GertzUpgrade to apache 2.4.33
2016-06-21 Raphaël GertzAdd missing debug-sshd service
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzRemove useless service install
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzAdd dependencies to avoid race conditions and be sure...
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzAdd missing servername, remove trailing one
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzRemove ihttpd.path and fix files location
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzFix service to start reliably
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzRemove useless ihttpd.path
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzAdd sufficient timeout
2016-06-19 Raphaël GertzRemove useless cleanup, move sshd to disabled section
2016-06-18 Raphaël GertzAdd debug-sshd
2016-06-17 Raphaël GertzInitial import