2018-04-21 KillyanaDB/Quest: Suspicious Hoofprints (Horde Version)
2018-04-21 KillyanaDB/Quest: Call of Fire
2018-04-21 ShaurenTools/vmapextractor: Improved vmap detail level by...
2018-04-21 joschiwaldCore/Entities: Adapted changes from 584abe107e2524ae304...
2018-04-21 joschiwaldSQL: Missing change in 4aaf4245646e4f117cb2de7855b5672c...
2018-04-21 ariel-Core/Spell: implemented dispel reflection
2018-04-21 KittnzQuest: Challenge to the Black Flight
2018-04-18 Roc13xCore/Bnet: Improve client ban messages (#21837)
2018-04-18 Roc13xCore/Items: Implemented ItemLimitCategoryCondition...
2018-04-18 AokromesRename 9999_99_99_00_world.sql to 2018_04_18_00_world.sql
2018-04-18 Roc13xCore/Accounts: prevent existing account ban from being...
2018-04-17 DoctorKraftDB/Scaling: Update creature_template_scaling Part 2
2018-04-17 ShaurenCore/Gossip: Implemented new gossip option type GOSSIP_...
2018-04-17 KillyanaDB/Creature: William and Donna Event
2018-04-17 KillyanaDB: Add some missing spawns to StormWind
2018-04-17 KillyanaDB/Creature: Add some missing Npcs to StormWind
2018-04-16 KillyanaDB/Creature: Add some missing spawns to StormWind
2018-04-15 KillyanaDB/GameObject: Fix some wrong phase
2018-04-15 OvahlordDB: Deepholm Spawns
2018-04-15 ShaurenCore/Movement: Fixed PathGenerator::GetNavTerrain retur...
2018-04-15 joschiwaldCore/DataStores: Implemented RewardPackXCurrencyType.db2
2018-04-15 funjokerDB/text: Update for page_text and npc_text Part 3
2018-04-15 funjokerDB/Gossip: Gossip Updates Part 3
2018-04-15 vincent-michaelBuild: Added Boost version 1.67 to FindBoost
2018-04-14 ShaurenTools/MMapsGenerator: Cleanup duplicated definitions
2018-04-14 KillyanaDB: Fix some DB errors
2018-04-13 funjokerDB/Scaling: Update creature_template_scaling
2018-04-13 OvahlordDB: Bastion of Twilight spawns
2018-04-13 PalabolaCore/Items: Fixed weapon enchant illusions (#21817)
2018-04-12 funjokerCore/Creatures: Update Scaling to 7.3.5 (#21521)
2018-04-12 OvahCore/AI: Added CreatureAI hook that is getting triggere...
2018-04-11 ShaurenCore/Phasing: Fixed setting phaseshift flags on conditi...
2018-04-11 KillyanaDB/Creature: Fix Silvermoon Guardian position
2018-04-11 ToooorchDB/Creature: Add some equipments
2018-04-11 KillyanaDB/Creature: Leria Nightwind
2018-04-11 ShaurenCore/Items: Fixed saving and equipping sets with empty...
2018-04-11 Roc13xCore/Player: Fix equipment set GUID handling (#21646)
2018-04-11 KillyanaDB: Fix some DB errors from previous commit
2018-04-11 KillyanaDB: Kezan Respawn
2018-04-10 ShaurenCore/GameObjects: Set GO_FLAG_MAP_OBJECT for gameobject...
2018-04-10 KillyanaDB/Gossip: Gossip Updates Part 2
2018-04-10 funjokerDB/Text: Update for page_text and npc_text Part 2
2018-04-09 DoctorKraftCore/Auras: Implemented Aura 178 (SPELL_AURA_MOD_MAX_PO...
2018-04-08 ShaurenCore/GameObjects: Implement getting proper area in...
2018-04-08 DoctorKraftCore/Auras: implement Aura 379 (SPELL_AURA_MOD_MANA_REG...
2018-04-08 joschiwaldCore/Player: Added missing change in 8bf7fa369fcbda3a88...
2018-04-08 TraeshCore/Spells: Implemented personal summons (#19231)
2018-04-08 funjokerDB/Text: Update for page_text and npc_text Part 1
2018-04-08 joschiwaldScripts/Commands: Added missing changes in bc88d3bc15de...
2018-04-08 AokromesMake codacy happy
2018-04-07 KillyanaDB: Typo
2018-04-07 ShaurenCore/GameObjects: Skip gameobjects with M2 models when...
2018-04-07 KillyanaDB/Quest: Vital Intelligence and Novice Elreth requirements
2018-04-07 funjokerDB/Gossip: Updates Part 1
2018-04-07 ShaurenWarning fix
2018-04-07 ShaurenAdd missing fclose
2018-04-07 ShaurenTools:
2018-04-06 funjokerDB/Creature: Vendor Update 3
2018-04-06 KillyanaDB/Trainer: Mildred Fletcher
2018-04-06 funjokerDB/Creature: Trainer Update 3
2018-04-06 ShaurenCore: Updated allowed build to
2018-04-05 ShaurenCore/Commands: Allow GMs to enter water while .gm fly...
2018-04-04 KillyanaDB/Vendor: Update Ardan Softmoon slots
2018-04-04 KodekcDB/Creature: Updated Ironforge throne
2018-04-04 MauFusDB/Quest: The Fight Continues
2018-04-04 AokromesRename 2018_03_14_00_auth.sql to 2018_03_14_00_world.sql
2018-04-04 AokromesDB/Vendor: Ardan Softmoon
2018-04-03 AokromesDB/Player: Remove deprecated spells in playercreateinfo...
2018-04-03 AokromesUpdate
2018-04-02 ShaurenCore/Misc: Removed obsolete NO_CORE_FUNCS
2018-04-01 ShaurenTools/Vmapextractor: Fixed extracting liquids in wmos
2018-03-31 ShaurenCore/Spells: Fixed persistent area auras always spawnin...
2018-03-31 ShaurenCore/Maps: Fixed map min height calculation
2018-03-30 ShaurenTools/Mapextractor: Removed fatigue from Vashj'ir
2018-03-29 GackoFix non-PCH build.
2018-03-29 ShaurenCore/Maps: Fixed child/parent map crash in garrison...
2018-03-29 KillyanaDB: New line
2018-03-29 KillyanaDB: Fix some DB errors
2018-03-28 Vicky C grammar improvements (#21673)
2018-03-28 ShaurenCore/Maps: Implemented getting area id from gameobject...
2018-03-28 ariel-Core/Vmaps: build fix mk II
2018-03-28 ariel-Core/Vmaps: build fix
2018-03-28 ShaurenCore/Vmaps: Fixed getting map height near large gameobj...
2018-03-28 funjokerDB/Creature: Vendor Update 2
2018-03-27 funjokerDB/Creature: Trainer Update 2
2018-03-27 ShaurenCore/Misc: Build fix for some compilers
2018-03-26 funjokerDB/Trainer: Trainer update
2018-03-26 funjokerDB/Vendor: Npc Vendor
2018-03-26 ShaurenCore/Players: Fixed learning talents available for...
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Commands: Allow modifying gameobject destructible...
2018-03-25 ShaurenTools/Mapextractor: Implemented liquid object detection
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Misc: Implemented phased areatriggers
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Players: Include graveyards from terrain swap...
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Phasing: Rewrite GetTerrainMapId
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/MMaps: Implemented loading phased tiles
2018-03-25 ShaurenTools: Moved db2 metadata structures to a location...
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Maps: Implemented loading swapped maps
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Entities: Take terrain swaps into account when...
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/VMaps: Implement loading phased tiles
2018-03-25 ShaurenCore/Entities: Phasing rewrite