Add strict type
[airbundle] / Form /
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzStrict types
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzAllow phone field to be optional
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd short, rate and nullable description
2021-07-07 Raphaël GertzAdd calendar form
2021-05-21 Raphaël GertzRestrict selectable locations for users without admin...
2021-05-08 Raphaël GertzReplace useless mask checkbox with abstract textarea
2021-05-07 Raphaël GertzAdd dispute form
2021-02-24 Raphaël GertzAdd location form type
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzRename SessionEditType in SessionType
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzRevert to phone only extra field
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzRename title in civility
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzAdd class, contact, donate, link and profile fields
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd donation and site url
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd HidenEntity field type
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd snippet feature
2020-12-13 Raphaël GertzContextualize attribute, autoattribute and forcecancel...
2020-12-09 Raphaël GertzRemove translator dependency
2020-12-09 Raphaël GertzAdd session edit type form
2020-11-30 Raphaël GertzAdd location prefill when on a location view
2020-10-14 Raphaël GertzRemove return field as we are able to use session to...
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzSet slot as nullable
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzAdd constructor to have doctrine and translator instance
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2019-11-14 Raphaël GertzAdd RegisterType form with phone field extension 0.1.0
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzInitial import