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2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd strict
2021-05-21 Raphaël GertzRestrict selectable locations for users without admin...
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzRename title in civility
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2020-11-30 Raphaël GertzAdd location prefill when on a location view
2020-10-14 Raphaël GertzRemove return field as we are able to use session to...
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzSet slot as nullable
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzAdd constructor to have doctrine and translator instance
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzInitial import