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2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzFix findUserGroupedByTranslatedGroup to list all users...
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd rekey feature
2021-07-07 Raphaël GertzAdd fetchAllByDatePeriod function
2021-05-21 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzAdd class, contact, donate, link and profile
2021-02-23 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-01-21 Raphaël GertzAdd link support
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd new findTranslatedSortedByPeriod 0.1.7
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd snippet feature
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd findOrganizerGroupedByGroup function
2020-12-28 Raphaël GertzAdd snippet feature
2020-12-13 Raphaël GertzAdd sql requests
2020-12-13 Raphaël GertzRewrite delay names
2020-12-09 Raphaël GertzCleanup findAllApplicantBySession
2020-12-09 Raphaël GertzAdd locked field
2020-12-09 Raphaël GertzAdd findComplementBySessionId function
2020-12-08 Raphaël GertzAdd dbal types and orm query deps
2020-11-29 Raphaël GertzAdd translated user location fetch by date period function
2020-11-29 Raphaël GertzAvoid double month append
2020-10-19 Raphaël GertzAdd functions fetchCalendarByDatePeriod and fetchUserCa...
2020-10-19 Raphaël GertzAdd findAllPseudonymBySession function
2020-10-19 Raphaël GertzAdd location repository with fetchTranslatedLocationByD...
2020-10-19 Raphaël GertzAdd findAllByLocationDatePeriod function
2020-10-14 Raphaël GertzRename ROLE_USER to User
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzAdd Slot repository
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzFix naming
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzInitial import