2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd optional session date field
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzOptionalize each account field
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd slug field
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzNew page title schema
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd hat field
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd stop and hat infos
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzNew page title, section and description schema
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd register and edit default skipped fields
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAllow get and post on add application route
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd pseudonym and slug fields
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove location short
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzUse pseudonym instead of full name
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove donate, link and profile
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd defaults
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd defaults
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd default values
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd preUpdate doctrine lifecycle callbacks
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd dance repository
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd premium as nullable
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzMove hat default value in entity
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd strict
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd findByUserId function
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd dance link
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove short title
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove short title
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove short title
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzFix logo placement
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzUpdate translations
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRename locales
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove subscribe templates
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd dance entity
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzAdd dance doctrine config
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove dance link on session
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzFix strict types
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzRemove application form
2021-08-28 Raphaël GertzUpdate composer requires
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzAdd donate, link and profile fields
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzAdd locale to allow snippet fetching
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzAdd short to allow time detection after application...
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzConvert Title in Civility
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzAdd strict
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzRemove eastern compute
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzNew page scheme
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzSwitch to new page scheme
2021-08-23 Raphaël GertzMove all stuff in AbstractController
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzRetrieve session snippet rate and hat fields
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd snippet hat field
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd subscribe and edit templates
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd date field
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd hat snippet field
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd composer deps
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd skip on weather unavailable data when startup timeo...
2021-08-16 Raphaël GertzAdd snipper hat field
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzMove getFacebookImage function to AbstractController
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzAdd mail content-language
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate to new config tree
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzAdd register template
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate user inder template to diplay organizer list...
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzAdd register before login form
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzSwitch on the fly locale with fb_locale=xx set
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzFix canonical hreflang to use locale
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUse locale if set
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzRemove recover_mail stuff
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate facebook image
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzFix form header.message margin
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate routes to match rapsys_user one
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate translations
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzFix findUserGroupedByTranslatedGroup to list all users...
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzDisplay all user for admin and only organizers for...
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzAdd strict type
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzMoved to Handler
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzStrict types
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzCleanup locale
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzAdd todo
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzChange start time
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzCleanup todo
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzFix locale
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzRenamed in Handler
2021-08-12 Raphaël GertzUpdate to new context tree
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzUpdate translation
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzAdd note about locale requirement with underscore and...
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzRemove contact.title from translated keys
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzReorder rapsys_user routes
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzAllow phone field to be optional
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzUpdate mail and require
2021-08-08 Raphaël GertzAdd note about validating app
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd new public facebook and location paths 0.2.4
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd default facebook image source
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd dejavusans and droidsans.regular fonts
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd about template
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzCleanup
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd site.donate entry, facebook and path trees
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzStore request and locale in controller
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzRemove $context variable
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzRename to path.cache
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd snippet's image upload feature
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzAdd Civility::class to avoid strange error when editing...
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzRename section to page.title
2021-07-28 Raphaël GertzRename section to page.title