Reorder require
[airlibre] / composer.json
2020-12-08 Raphaël GertzReorder require
2020-10-19 Raphaël GertzForce version 4.4 for symfony bundles: finder, filesyst...
2019-12-11 Raphaël GertzUpdate to version 4.4
2019-11-27 Raphaël GertzCopy airlibre require-dev in root node to enable them
2019-11-27 Raphaël GertzRemove doctrine migration
2019-11-27 Raphaël GertzForce symfony/flex dependency
2019-11-27 Raphaël GertzRevert doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle in dev environment
2019-11-14 Raphaël GertzFix requires
2019-11-07 Raphaël GertzFix requires
2019-11-07 Raphaël GertzFix requirements and versions
2019-11-07 Raphaël GertzFix the version for requirements
2019-10-29 Raphaël GertzAdd doctrine requires
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzAdd symfony validator required class
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzForce include of security bundle
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzAdd missing require on symfony/twig-bundle
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzFix missing requirement
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzRequire rapsysairbundle
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzAdd requires and requires-dev for rapsysuser bundle
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzSet assets as relative
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzAdd missing require
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzBump version
2019-10-28 Raphaël GertzUpdate to new version
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzAdd config and dependency-injection requires
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzForce assets as symlinks
2019-10-25 Raphaël GertzInitial import